About me

Everyones knows me just said I am a Creative. I love that.

Because I really feel it. What goes out from my art room is always a surprise for everyone!

Photographer & Illustrator

Francesca Vitulano

Francesca is one of the official photographer of the studio Framelines Wedding Photographers that she joyned in 2012.  She is specialized in wedding documentary photography and creative portraiture and she is active troughout Italy and Abroad. She is also a 360° artist specialized iin  Illustration and puppettery.

Childhood & Early age

When I need to breath I go in Umbria, Italy’s green heart. I grew up there, in a remote not turistic area of this wonderful region at the foot of the Regional protected Reserve of Monte Cucco at the border with Le Marche. This landlocked territory boasts one of the richest art heritage of Italy including medieval restored villages, Etruscan ruins, untouched  ancient traditions and handcrafted products. Few miles away from Gubbio, Perugia, Assisi, Spello, Città di Castello and the most iconic place in Central Italy I spent my childhood. Wild and at one with the nature.

My house is warm, unusual, creative and always full of people from all over the world due to my mother translator job. I never been a television addicted, I always prefer a walk in the nature with a Mistral cold wind ( I’m truly fascinated by North European country!). Since I was very young I learn the difference between a traveller and a tourist and to enter into the depths of every culture and person. The words that mostly belongs to me are Amore, as my grandma thought, the base of life Libertà, to always be happy, and Uitwaaien, a Dutch word strongly represent my soul.

Study & Photography

After attending a scientific college, well, I was clearly at a crossroads in my life: proceed with a veterinary career or an art one? In few years I had a bachelor and a master degree in Visual Arts – Set Design. This was my “point zero” photography had completely fascinated me. I developed a sensitive eye very close to the documentary style with a decisive hint of creative portraiture. My natural inclination it is to catch the raw emotion surrounds me. In 2012 thanks to Framelines Wedding Photographers my passion became a full-time job. 

Art & Illustration

Illustration and creative art works in general belongs to my DNA. If someone ask me what’s my strongest, deepest and more powerful passion I have no doubt on the answer.  My style is continually evolving and the black and white period are often substitute to ink and watercolours ones. I personally hate vectors but I love using technology at a later stage. My first idea looks always as caothic sketches on paper. Every kind of paper. My works are fine decorative hand -drawn imagery and they  could be applied in different ways and scale.